Are bookmarks now impossible in 2.11.7?

Hi, I had created browser bookmarks for my 6 Hookpad projects, they no longer work in the new version (2.11.7), and I don’t seem to be able to create new bookmarks for specific projects.

Also, the page that lists my Hookpad projects has disappeared - I know they now show up in a pop-up window - but I prefer the old way. It feels hidden now (and it was already hard to navigate to before).

I was going to ask for a “My Projects” button link in the project menu, but that seems pointless now that the My Projects page doesn’t exist as a page.

I enjoy using the software, thanks.

Hi @MattoR, this is an interesting point. The “my Hookpad Projects” page is gone for good. It used a bunch of legacy code and it was time to move away.

That said, I totally understand what you’re asking for and its 100% reasonable. Kind of like how Google Docs always have a long URL hash right when they open. I’ll think about this for Hookpad and try to come up with something.

One thing you can do immediately, which is a little cumbersome, is to temporarily create a sharable URL through File -> Create Sharable URL. You’ll end up on a URL like this:

If you take that long ID at the end and put it on the hookpad URL like this, it will work.

You can delete the sharable URL once you get this unique ID and the hookpad bookmark will still work.

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Thanks for the workaround, Chris, it works. Around. :wink: