Arbitrary chords

captain chords has a feature where you can pull up a text box and type in the name of any chord. i think it would be great if hookpad could do this. sometimes i need a chord that is not available in the song’s key, and sometimes this does not involve a change of key but just the insertion of an arbitrary chord. and it would be icing on the cake if, in the event that i type in a chord that IS available in hookpad, if hookpad would show the mode or scale that i am borrowing from.

Hi, if I understand it right we already have a feature like this. Just click on the search button.


Yup, Tapping the Search button gives you a menu where you can search and add in a chord via its name, absolute or relative, for example, Cmadd6/E or i6(add6).

If you typed your chord of choice in (ofc with perfect spelling and stuff!), then it should appear! :smiley:

Cool! Thanks again DSchwachhofer!!