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Applied dim7 chords

I believe I have been requesting for this since ~6 years ago, and little progress has been made since then. Are there any plans to support viio7/ chords?

As I stated before this is the one important chord that is still unavailable in Hookpad after all these years. Take F♯dim7 - G in C for example:

  • ♯ivo7 is equivalent to viio7/V, but this chord and its inversions cannot be inputted without temporarily switching to a different relative key. It doesn’t help that the chord search database excludes supermodes of the harmonic minor scale.
  • viio/V (diminished triad) is not substitutable in case of F♯dim7/E♭ - G/D, as the diminished seventh is in bass position.
  • The tone set tool suggests (add6)(♭5), which is notationally wrong. These chords also miss a third inversion.

Hey @HertzDevil,

Sorry about this, it’s been on our list for a while but never materialized. We’ll make this happen now.

Probably we’ll just make viio7/x the default applied viio seventh chord, since I see no musical justification for the half diminished version. There are some theorytabs in the database which have analyzed ♯ivø7 as viiø7/V, so these will need to be swapped with ♯ivø7(lyd)

How many viiø7/ chords are there in current use? (The Trends page gives 40 results for viiø7/V alone, but there are probably more.) Can this replacement be automated on the server side before the fully diminished version rolls out?

In principle yes, this is possible, although we generally are hesitant to do any automated modification of theorytabs.

I took a look at the database and have counted the following:

viiø7/ii: 4 results
viiø7/iii: 1 result
viiø7/IV: 44 results
viiø7/V: 4 results
viiø7/vi: 6 results
viiø7/viio: 2 results

However, not sure if these are all correct. Also, not all of these chords have simple equivalents. It might be worth going through some of these analyses to double check the chords, at least for the analyses containing the chords that aren’t viiø7/IV