[API] trends/nodes not returning data

Sending a GET request to https://api.hooktheory.com/v1/trends/nodes always returns an empty array no matter which cp params I provide. Did the interface change recently or has anyone else had trouble with this endpoint?

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@nayflick, thank you for pointing this out. The API has been fixed.

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I’m also getting an empty array form trends/nodes. No issues with the songs API… any ideas?


I’m having the same problem.

I’m suing this repo to get data: https://github.com/rkthrasher/HookTheory, songs work proerly, but I’m getting an empty array when requesting trends/nodes.

Anyone knows whats up?

@mikina, sorry for the delay. I fixed it this morning. Somehow our chord name in key lookup table in the DB got dumped but we just rebuilt it.