[API] Is it okay to use Hooktheory API data from mexindian's visualization project for my own project?


This is a question for @chris or anyone else on Hooktheory staff:

Some context: I’m working on a web application utilizing the Hooktheory API. One of the features I wanted to include was something that generated and displayed chord progressions based on the probability data from the API, but I think it’s likely that the HTTP requests required by the calculations would exceed the API rate limit.

My question: To get around the API rate limitations, would it be alright if I used the Hooktheory API data that @mexindian crunched for his visualization project? His project’s license says to contact Hooktheory directly. He had asked a similar question before on the forum but I didn’t see an official response in the associated thread:

Continuing the discussion from Vizualitation of all chord progressions! (kinda):

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!


I’ve got the same question, would love an answer if any staff sees this. Maybe it would be better if the total API data was available as an optional download (assuming people don’t need the latest data like me) so we don’t stress out your servers with api calls?