Any way to get data from specific song through the API?

In regards to the API, the documention shows two ways to get data. One being “next chord probabilities” and the other being “songs containing a chord progression”.

I was wondering if there is a way to get the data for a specific song. For example, to get back the data in terms of

{"song":  "some song",
"chorus":  [ i , III, VII, iv]
"key": "D minor"

Is is possible to get this data from the api??
Thanks, ZACK

@kingzack, at the moment there is no way to query data for a specific song

@chris is there any way of getting the raw notes / melodies from the api instead of just the probabilities regardless of their artist/song_title?

@kingzack, not right now. Someday we hope to do this but right now we are focused on other products.