Any chance of adding auto save setting

I was working on a project for a while and out of nowhere chrome crashes and all my work is lost.
I would like to have the ability to automatically save my project in case chrome crashes, I don’t have to start over from scratch.

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Yes please :grinning:

Just now there was a blackout I need this now

@Vaz, don’t! We have basic auto save working (but not live) - it saves your project automatically like Google Docs would. Before pushing, however, we’ve been considering if we should have some type of versioning system built in.

Our logic is, for example, sometimes I go in and have music I like and I go and tweak it to explore other possibilities but I may never want to end up saving that little exploration. If autosave is on, it could overwrite my project with that exploration and if I don’t know how to go back to my original starting point, it is lost forever.

Another option is we can push as-is as an opt-in setting and its a use at your own risk type of thing. Thoughts?

@chris Maybe you can give the user multiple versions you can restore to

so they can either restore to the part where they were exploring or to the original project

@uncoolalx, @downunder, @Vaz123 we pushed auto-backups and recovery today in 2.16.0 (File -> Recover from Auto-Backup). We do an auto-save every 30 seconds of active use to browser local storage and you get 20 minutes of the latest backups available for restore. Hope this helps!

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@chris can you support it for theorytabs (so if I’m editing a theorytab then something happens then I can pick up from where I left off)