[Answered] Hooktheory II release date?

Is there any approximate date when the new book will be available? :sunny:


Ehm…(clears throat).
So, when is that Hooktheory II book coming out? Please.

I also want to know. I saw somewhere end of 2014. I hope it will be somewhere in 2015 :smile:

@Shonof, @pizu, @ginojs, we put some information about Hooktheory II on the website a few days ago.

Hi there.
Just want to thank you for this great book (Hooktheory I) and other products. It was extremely helpfull :smiley:

I hope that Hooktheory II will be published soon. Are there any news about release date?
I hope you guys are working on it ?



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Could you tell us if it is still coming or has it been cancelled altogether? :slight_smile:

We’re working on it. :slight_smile: It definitely has not been cancelled and it’s getting close. We’re hoping to have it released by the end of the year (fingers crossed!).

We’ll be sure to inform everyone when we have a firm release date for it.


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@der_r, @klemen11 we put some information about Hooktheory II on the website a few days ago.

Cool! Looking forward to it. :smile:

Great, thanks :smile:

I love part 1!

Will part 2 explain the same things or does is continue where part 1 ends?
In other words, is it worth it buying part 2 when you already own part 1. :smile:

@stateof79 Part II continues where Part I left. We are working hard every day on it. Can’t wait to get it in peoples hands.

Hi all,
Any news on the next book ?
Will it be published before 2015 ?

Any update yet? We’re in the third month of 2015, and you are making me feel suspended like a Sus4 chord, I just want to resolve to a happy major chord. C’mon!

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Hello Hooktheory People… Has Hooktheory 2 been released?

Not yet. Very soon now I promise (and I know we’ve been saying this for a long time) :smile:

Which one’s gonna come out first, Hooktheory 2 or Half Life 5?

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my money’s on Duke Nukem.

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Well, Duke is already released, so… :wink:

:joy: . . . . . . You Guys! . . .Stop It! . . . . this jokes gone on long enough!

Tell us the truth… there isn’t a book II . . is there? :unamused: Is there? :fearful: Seriously!? :neutral_face: