Another vandal (wellnofuckingshit)

Another day, another vandal. This time it’s wellnofuckingshit. Here’s the songs they’ve vandalized:

The Fix
How To Save A Life
One In A Million
Try Again
Take On Me

These are the same songs Jefd2/Jefd3 was targeting, so it’s almost certainly the same person.

honestly this is already outrageous that the site has no active moderation team and no powerful moderation actions such as IP block. Its good that one of the developers already mentioned adding a moderation system but its probably going to take a while.

This site is almost unusable and more and more people are quitting the site. Whats with all the weird shit happening lately? Bots, griefers, racists, etc.

Remember the time when Hooktheory was supposed to be a fun learning place for music theory with actual helpful contributors?

that’s is why the person(s) doing this are doing it - to destroy it and wreck it. sitting in their momma’s basement trying to burn the world…

i would say people who deserve tab edit permissions are

  • you
  • silentpaaw
  • quentin136
  • (maybe me)

anyone else idk because yall are the only ones that make posts about vandals etc


not me. i don’t know squat about music theory.

Wellnofuckingshit has returned after being banned, proving once again that being banned is meaningless. Also if you look at the way they talk, it’s obviously the same person as YoMama1999, who also easily returned after being banned.

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what an attention seeking asshole

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ok this might be rage bait

just noting: nothing will change until the “cost” of the posting and edits is “too high” for vandals. making them wait 2 weeks is like 2 years in internet time. actual people contributing and asking for help are not restricted too much but also not given free rein until their probation has passed.

been this way for 25+ years since people started using the internet to socialize and collaborate. it’s not going to change because people with good intentions let bad people in for the sake of helping others, but doing progressive access rights lets the bad apples get picked and dumped before they get out of control and harm others.

anyways… back to writing…

the moderation here is so ineffectual. anyway here’s wellnofuckingshit’s latest vandalization of Take On Me, with a very puzzling comment

bro wtf