Annoying lag between metronome and note input

Hello all,

When inputting rhythms using the record button, there is an annoying lag between the sound of the metronome and the moment the program recognizes my input. When I play the rhythm back, the notes are not where they should be. Is there a fix for this problem?

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Hi @thenry, this might just be latency associated with the time it takes for your midi controller signal to get to Hookpad. We build in a small amount of assumed latency, but since this is system-dependent, perhaps a good solution would be for us to allow this to be a customizable value. I’ll look into building something like this.

EDIT: In 2.19.8 we built a control for recording input latency that can be adjusted in the settings menu:

It defaults to 15 ms, which is what it has always been set to in the past, but you can adjust it further if you are finding that your notes are either late or early.

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