Analysis is separate from song in database

Since Theorytab analyses are associated with other Theorytabs having the same title and artist, but songs in the database do not directly comprise Theorytabs, some bugs occur in the database:

  • When transferring or editing a Theorytab, the song appears on the list of new Theorytabs only if the song’s first oldest created section is updated;
  • On the Trends page, results always show the name of the first section instead of the actual section that contains the query chord progression, and similarly the Theorytab’s menu points to the first section;
  • If a Theorytab is added to a collection, and then new analyses are transferred such that the previous first section is no longer so, the star button cannot modify the collections as before; rather, any new click on the collection menu adds the song again as the first section’s analysis, and duplicates can appear in collections.
  • The same goes for Trending Tabs.

Unrelated, but when the mouse hovers over any genre on a Theorytab page, a tooltip that reads “Something good” appears.