All my saved project are gone

Hello guys. I haven’t used Hookpad for quite a while now and when I opened it today I realized that all the project files that I had previously saved were gone. Does it have something to do with the latest update? I’m not all that concerned about the missing files but I’m wondering if there’s any rule behind it such as certain period of inactivity will lead to loss of saved files. Many thanks.

@Reversblade, I don’t see any songs linked to your account. Is it possible you created them with a different account?

All 15-20 songs I created are also gone. Luckily for me, I exported them all to score, as I created them. This is very disappointing!!!

Roy (TN)

Hi Roy,
we keep nightly backups and would be able to recover your songs if this were the case. However, is is possible that you accidentally created the songs under a different account/email? I notice that this particular account doesn’t have a Plus subscription, so it would have been difficult for you to have exported them as a score with this account as that is a plus feature.