After purchasing monthly subscription, the app still tells me to buy a subscription and limits usage to the free elements

Hi, I just purchased a monthly subscription to Hookpad, but the app still only lets me use the free features. Does it take time for the system to register that I paid for it?


I am in the same situation i’m so annoyed now and have had no response to my messages four of which I have now sent. Not a good way to treat a customer

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@MARYK sorry you are having trouble activating. (micander opened a support ticket separately and he is now activated). I did some digging, and it looks like you made the purchase while not signed in with a different email so your account was never activated as the system had no way of knowing which account to use. You should have received an activation link to the email you used to purchase (it’s possible your spam filter blocked it and you never saw it). I think I found your purchase, and I have gone ahead and linked your account on the other email to it so your account should work now. Let me know if that is not the case. Apologies for missing your initial post in the forum. We try to monitor the conversations and threads going on here but sometimes miss some posts especially when they are replies to older threads.


I have already buy one year package and I paid for it I received a confirmation invoice and and receipt but I haven’t received the activation link yet
could you please resend it to me again to

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It is going on three days since I paid for hookpad. I followed the BUY instructions exactly. At the time I did not have an account. I simply went to hooktheory and bought a package using my email. They didn’t ask about an account, just took my email and my money and sent a receipt to my email but no activation email. I have an account now I opened with that email but it still shows only free items.

How hard it it to send an activation email along with the receipt and how hard is it to answer a support question? I replied directly to the receipt email as it said in the instructions.

I have sent three emails to support in the last two days and none ZERO were acknowledged. How hard is it to give access to people who pay $183 for a product. The smallest companies on the internet give immediate access and answer support email. What is going on at hooktheory?

Please read my text below. I paid for hookpad but and not activated and support ignores my emails.
Tom Sweeney
do you want my receipt #?

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the trouble getting up and running. I checked and it looks like Support has found and linked your purchase with this username. I’m not sure why you didn’t get the activation email, it may have been spammed. The first support email we have from you was yesterday night at close to 10pm so it did take close to 24 hours to respond, and we apologize for that delay.