After paying for two years this is why i am cancelling

Its unacceptable that Hookpad hasn’t been able to do this until now. Am really disappointed and will be the last month am paying them. I cant wait for the next service that will give me my moneys worth.

If Hookpad doenst add these features for my MIDI KEYBOARD am OUT! Since am a “new user” the forum didn’t let me upload a photo but here it is. Comment on this post if you think this should have been implemented since the beginning. Your software is PREHISTORIC!!!

Is this the first time you have filed this feature request?

Also, why are you so enraged? You realise it is just a few guys working on this in their spare time, right?

To be honest am not cancelling. This is a fantastic software. Take this post as.a.wake up call. You might be alone now in the market but that doesnt mean no one else is building another platform considering how many producers there are there. It would be a shame to lose what took so much time to built. And seriously…these are just plain features…just midi commands…so easy to write the code. And ditch the sample library its lagging so much. Put a simple piano of low quality so we can work without lag. And make a mode that the users can play freestyle without anything being inserted on the hookpad. You try to come up with a progression and before you know it you are out of space in hookpad. You try to upgrade everything and you forgot whats most important: User Friendly. Just do it.