After a year, Hookpad is functioning completely different tonight

I’ve searched the forum and it seems Hookpad used to operate by forcing you to use rest notes in between melody notes. All of my projects have defaulted to this tonight when it’s never worked this way. I could place a note anywhere on the grid at any time and move it independent of the rest of the melody notes. Now I can’t do that and it makes the whole thing unusable. I’m really hoping I accidentally hit a button to turn this nonsense on, but it’s even happening in old projects if I go and move their notes like normal. I really don’t want to give up Hookpad after this long, but this is a disaster. It can’t be right. Please help.

Ok i see that the entry mode was changed somehow and changing it back to default fixed it. However, it still shows rest notes in my projects when I’ve never used them. Any idea why?