Address to Hooktheory community

Hi fellow friends,

As hooktheory continues to grow, I realize how much I do not know about chords and melody. I’m sure each of us has had that experience. When I see some analysis, I am always left dumbfounded and amazed by the complexity of the chord progressions that some songs have. Even more than that, I am most amazed at the skills of each contributor and their respective analysis’s. Yet, I can only identify simple progressions. My goal is to identify some of my favorite songs but that would be done with much difficulty at my current level.

If ear training is so essential and critical, then I think it is important to share the experiences behind the song analysis, the person, right here so that each and everyone of us can learn a little something from each other so that it may enrich other’s repertoire.

Any advice, experience, or anecdotes about musicianship, hook theory, or ear training would be much appreciated here.