Additional oddness with 2.22.1. Random louder notes

During playback, some notes will randomly be played louder on different repetition of the same loop…

Just to give a little more info, it can be drum beats as well that cone out loud.

Sounds like this could be a note being sequenced twice at the same location. When this happens, does it happen on every playback in the same place?

it seems like it is consistent within one play cycle. If you stop the playback, it seems to occur in another place. It includes it in an mp3 if exported. Sometimes it is subtle. Sometimes jarring.

I just threw something together and let it loop to watch what happens. It doesn’t occur in the same place. It doesn’t seem like it is restricted to melody and it can be in a harmony part or drums as well.

Just a little info. I set up a 9 chord progression and a simple melody. I had it play in a continuous loop. It will get up to three “off” notes in a cycle of the loop. Sometimes it does none but usually at least one or two. It can be a melody note, a harmony note, or a drum beat. I have not heard it do a bass note. This is using the default band in version 2.22.2

Thanks for the info, and this only seems to happen during a loop correct?

That is the only time I have seen it but I am almost always running in a loop,

Thanks for the info. Would you mind sending me that 9-chord loop you were mentioning before? I know that this bug is happening for you every time, but it would be helpful if I had something that I knew was definitely broken for you. You can post JSON here or email to ryan (at) hooktheory

Sent to email along with another rendered sample showing a little bit of the issue,


We just pushed a new version, 2.22.4, which I’m hoping might address this issue. I suspect that somehow playback events are double scheduling on loopback, but in this version we are forcing buffers to refresh after they’re finished playing. Let me know if this helps at all

Looks great. Thanks for your efforts.