Adding Single Notes To The Instrumentation

Will this software allow the instrument to play single notes instead of a chord. For example, if you have a guitar playing chords and you want the guitar to play some single notes and then go back to chords, how would you go about doing that?

I don’t see how you write in single notes played by an instrument, all I can see is that the instrument has to be playing chords. Am I missing something?

Right now Hookpad 1 is designed to write music in shorter sections (chords, verses, bridges) like the examples in the theorytab library (the idea being that you would then export these sections that you’ve sketched out to a full DAW like logic/garageband to finish the song). If you wanted to write something where an instrument changes roles from being involved with creating the harmony vs melody you could do this in each section.

However, we have a version in beta testing that allows you to change the components of a “band” (mix of instruments). With this feature, you would set the band to guitar in the guitars and have it play a chord progression you write. Then you could change the band/mix to remove the guitar from the harmony, and add it to a voice in the melody, and write a melody for guitar there.

The new version is meant to compose full songs and will support many guitar sounds which isn’t something we currently do in Hookpad 1 and should be released soon.