Adding shortcuts for N6, Ger+6 Fre+6 It+6

It would be handful to be able to build easily Neapolitan Sixth and the 3 flavours of augmented 6th chords.

The Roman spelling of these chords are N, N6, Ger+6 Fre+6 It+6.
Would it be possible to implement these shortcuts in the chord “Search” box ?

Or may be I missed something…


Hookpad does not notate those chords as such in the first place, only Roman numerals are available:

  • bII is equivalent to N
  • bII6 is equivalent to N6
  • V43b5/V is equivalent to Fr+6
  • loc67 is enharmonic to Ger+6
  • Ger+6(no5) is equivalent to It+6 (omitted fifths are not accessible through chord search)

There is no way to input real German / Italian augmented sixths via the GUI, so exported sheets will have the wrong accidentals. Specially crafted JSON clipboard payloads can access them though.

Thank you so much.
I have a new post-it on my desktop :wink: