Adding intro and outro and breaks

Just joined and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to find how to add an intro and breaks to a work in progress. Thanks for the help.

Hi Musicmidi, I’m pretty new to this myself, just a month into it. Here’s what I’ve learned. Click on the upper part of any measure number, like right next to the number. A new menu will appear. You’ll see a + sign, and Add Before and Add After. Also Remove Measure as well as some other functions that I’ve not yet explored. This will help you add your intro. Search out my previous query regarding Band Markers. Dennis gives a great explanation on this function. This helps to customize drummer functions regarding changing the breaks around. “Sections” - found in the same menu as mentioned above also offer the possibility of changing bands in different parts of your song. I hope this helps!

Hi Yabba, thanks for responding. I am primarily a lyricist but have difficulty finding people to create a melody for my lyrics, so I thought I’d give it a try. I have an old keyboard with pins for the midi input and Garageband for a DAW. Limited equipment for creating tunes but it seems Hooktheory might become a valuable asset in this endeavor. Thanks for your help.