Adding comments for explaining harmony

Hey! I’ve been an avid user of Hookpad and this has been a marvelous tool for me! This helped me immensely through my music theory journey. So let’s start this topic with a deep bow towards the team :handshake:

As I began to go deeper into the analyses of hamony, there have been times where it wasn’t really straightforward. Transcribing jazz songs and their rich use of borrowed or tonicization (just to name a few) might be a bit difficult. By adding a feature to add comments, you get to explain this in detail.
That way, outside of being a helpful tool for learning how to play a song, it provides an added benefit of also understanding the complex harmony.

I think this would be a great addition to Hookpad and I am excited for a more diverse future!
Let me hear the thoughts of you all and I’ll be sure to read each one of them. :clap:
Thanks again!

(just a small quick example)

Hi, and thank you for your feedback!

Adding comments to your song is a great idea. This can be helpful for multiple things like chord analyses, quick ideas for song writing etc…
Right now you can add comments in the lyrics editor. Just create an empty song section at the end of your song (name the section “Comments” if you like) and and start adding your comments.

I understand that this is a bit of a hack but it’s what we have right now. To create a feature for that, we could display comments in the same window and create a button to display either comments for each section or lyrics.

If I understand it right, you’re suggesting to find a way to add a comment to a specific bar inside the project. I understand that for your special purpose you want to display the information as close to the chords as possible but at the same time they shouldn’t take away too much space as we don’t want to take away the focus of the music. Perhaps we can create a small preview box with around the same width of a bar and display the first words and display a bigger window with the whole text when the mouse hovers over the box.

Would that be helpful? Or would it be better to have all comments for a song section in a place at the side where the lyrics editor sits? What do you think?



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Hey Dennis! Thanks for your helpful response!
I’m glad that you take my idea into account.

I had this in mind for the editor, sorry if some of these things are harder to implement than I thought they were, my coding knowledge is limited, but I hope we might find a solution!
(Excuse my photo edit skills… :face_in_clouds:)

And for the viewer interface, there are 3 options I could think of for the locations and appearances that would maybe work, this may not look too good but the position of the comment could be on top of the bar. As there is enough space and this also gives the opportunity to make comments on the melody, like what scale is used .

I am grateful that you’re willing to add ideas of the community! Please dont hesitate to tell me if there are some better possibilities that would work out, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for being you!

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Thank you for your photo editing! Yes, I had some similar idea for the “Add Comment” button.

I’m not sure about the placement for the actual comment yet. I think between the chord and melody regions there is not enough space right now, and I’m not sure I want to increase the space as this might look odd, especially when there are no or just a few comments.
Above the melody could be a good option as there already are lots of flags for band, section, meter, key and tempo changes. So it could be easy to add another flag for comments. But perhaps there the comments would be lost under all the other flags.
Another option would be a special styled element underneath the chord bar. Perhaps even something which is a bit more graphic like some kind of a bubble. I’m not quite sure about that yet.

Now I think about it, something like a popup might indeed work well!
But I am not sure how to show multiple bars are connected with one comment. It definitely is quite difficult to add something like this without massively altering the current look of the UI. The design already looks fantastically sleek!

If it helps, we could just scrap the bar selection entirely and only add comment bubbles that expand when clicked. With the intention of making it like a footnote. This might work, but the overall design is quite square, So I think this would clash a bit, but it’s easily fixable. The positioning and size I am still a bit worried about, where it isn’t just overlapping the important info. And there should also be enough room for the comment which makes it even more difficult. But this image might contribute a bit with what I am imagining.

Keep in mind that this all is just advice from a client point of view. And I am already incredibly grateful for the team to look into this!

Best regards!


I think connecting multiple bars is not necessary something we have to do with our Interface. You can always put the comment on the first of those bars and mention multiple bars there - this would be totally understandable for every one who reads those comments and it doesn’t get ugly when line breaks are involved.

Yes, I like the footnote idea. I have to think about a bit more. But it’s also a great idea to have these comments translate to the TheoryTabs. Thank you very much!




while thinking on it - hovering on the comment icon could display the first X number of characters in a single line, and clicking on it to open it fully to see all content. then clicking a close icon or anywhere off the comment pop would close it. that should be friendly on touch systems as well as mouse.


Hey Dennis,

Good that we found a solution! I am a-okay with leaving the bar selection part away, as it indeed might cause some problems with the current look.
Me and a lot of other people will definitely benefit from this feature if it were to get added! For both playing and deeper understanding the intricate choices our favourite artists have made! Because music is all about learning and creating :muscle:
I’ll be more than grateful if it becomes a reality.

You all are legends!

Best wishes!

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Yes, I think it might become reality, but it will need some months to complete as I’m working on other things right now and the list of possible features gets longer every day. So you have to be a bit patient. :slight_smile: