Adding a note to a full line

I sometimes have to add a note somewhere along a full line. My instructions say ‘Press ‘Alt’’ whilst stretching a note. This doesn’t seem to work for me. What am I doing wrong?

Could you give some more elaboration?

Are you trying to make a note longer than one measure? than that’s what you have to do.

Just click-drag the beginning or end of a note to change the duration of the note and the notes around it. Using method keeps the total length of the song preserved. So if your song is like this (in beats): 1-2-4 and stretch the 2nd note a beat, it’ll be 1-3-3. Both sequences are 7 beats long.

Doing Alt-click drag will lengthen/shorten the note, and change the song length, too. So 1-2-4, when adding a beat to the second note, is 1-3-4. 7 beats to 8 beats.

I hope this helps.

EDIT: I realize that you’re trying to add a note to the end of an 8-measure phrase.

What you have to do, then, is click on the plus button underneath the
line, and it should make a new 8-measure phrase underneath the previous one. You can add more notes there. Use the black square to cut or add measures.

If you want to make a note that spans more than 1 measure, but at the end of a line, you’ll need to remove a measure from the previous line, add another line, and re-enter the notes on the second line. remember to remove the excess measures.

Hi, I have the same problem the OP described and the solutions listed don’t work. The situation is: A whole song is done, but then you realize there’s one bar missing in the middle of a line. What would be the procedure to insert the notes?

If you want to add a missing bar and that line already has 8 measures in it, I would add a new line below it with the plus button. You’re necessarily going to have a line with an odd number of measures in it so you can decide how you want to divide it up.

You could make the new empty line you add have 4 bars, copy paste the last 4 bars of the previous line into it and then change the previous line to have 5 measures.

Here’s a graphic to show what I mean:

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I didn’t realize I could insert a new line anywhere in the song. Thanks!

Please excuse the fact that I have little musical knowledge so technical musical language goes over my head. My problem is I have filled a line completely but then I find I need to add something else.Is there a way in which I can push along all the succeeding notes in all the following lines to make room for the added note. The only way I can add notes in the middle of a line at the moment is by deleting everything after the place where the new note(s) is to go and then retyping the rest, an irritating procedure especially as this may occur quite often.

You can cut and paste selected notes (click-drag, X, V).