Add Pickup Measure causes Section Name Region, Band & other referenced to previous Measure # to slip

I decided to add a Pickup measure for convenient rewind and clean look. Also, for Count-in Record Click and to make sure that during Export there will be short margin to cover 1st Measure. Here are issues that I have learned:

1- After adding 1 Pickup Measure to the beginning of my song, Hookpad will show no number even though it is functioning like 1 full measure.
2- My Intro section used to cover Bars 1-4. After adding Pickup, Measure-1 still show 1 but the headers (Name Intro and Band) automatically moved to top of Pickup. Click Intro section will highlight 5 measures including Pickup and span to Measure 4. This is the beginning of confusion.
3- However, if I click Sections icon at top, look inside each Section header box in the row I will see some strange index numbers. Intro section will include Pickup and span to number 5. It is not the same as total 5 measures. All other small indexed Measure numbers of each Section name also shifted to the left and missed 1 bar at the end.
4- If I want to redefine Region of a Section Name (for example Verse-1 that was and still from Bars labeled 5 to 20), after highlight the Measures, click New Section and give same name, Hookpad will prompt me with from 6 to 21. Furthermore, I can’t force Hookpad to accept 5-20. If I click the meter number 5 it will highlight Bar 4 (21 highlights 20). It ended up with 4-19 instead.
5- Others shifted as well: Band, Tempo that were linked to previous Measure number went wrong. Too soon or too late. I think it happens to Keys too!

Recommendation: After add or remove Pickup, all attributes must be shifted in accordance with main Measure numbers. Include Pickup icons such as Add, Delete & Hide as part of each song’s Section similar to Add Measure Before/After (and not global settings). Give special number to Pick up = p1, 0 or -1?

Hi and thanks for the report!

Yes, we need to fix the measure numbers in the section region to follow the numbers of the music regions. Another thought would be to give the pickup measure its own section or exclude it from the section menu entirely. I’m not really happy that if you move the first section which starts with a pickup the pickup gets moved, too. This changes the drum arrangements for both the new and the old pickup bar.

What do you think about that?

Hi Dennis:
To begin with, I am inspired by the sense of your creativity and fun. It’s an honor to exchange idea for improvements. I am new so I apologize, if my writing is out of touch.
Reply to Pickup measure:
D1- fix the measure numbers in the section region to follow the numbers of the music regions.
[P1.1- Yes, we have to anchor Measure # of the music regions after Intro to End because they are established from the beginning. I’d like to see Bar#1<<Bar#4 or << #8 with increments of 4 unless the section is very special and rare.
P1.2- After Measure-1 the following # may increase or reduce from insert/delete but the layout should stay the same. Verse, Chorus, Bridge …etc starts at familiar #. Single line contains 8 measures (or 4). This gives maximum zooming proportion and viewing repetiton.]
D2- Another thought would be to give the pickup measure its own section or exclude it from the section menu entirely.
[P2.1 Pickup is important. User should be able to include, reveal, hide or remove from each project or song. A quick draft or transfer parts will not need. Later development will be decided. The switch should be an Icon under or near Sections and not global Settings.
P2.2 I read both, that Pickup does not have number and Pickup has number (less cases). If the duty of pickup is more than a leading note, sometimes they count it 1. This will ruine the whole song’s Regions, though.
P2.3- Under Hookpad, we can have only 1 Measure for Pickup. I don’t know if there can be more! It is a subSection and must be seen and selected at same level as other Measures. This is because Hookpad allows to fully use Pickup. I can write Note, Chord assign Band…etc, like normal Measure.
P2.4- I just found out that you already called Pickup measure = 0 (zero) this is great! My Band1 is for 0 to 0. However, if I want to Name Intro to include Pickup+Bar1>>Bar4, I can’t select 0. Other commands that prompt for Measure # work fine. Please fix the Sections: Headers row, too!]
PS: First time I reported Measures of Bands and Tempo shifted, it happened after I added Pickup late into session.
Thank you, sir