Add new section names: "Chorus 2", "Verse 2", etc. in TheoryTab

for example, in this tab:

both the “Chorus” and “Solo” sections can both be considered choruses, but due to the lack of section names I had to name it a “Solo” when it can’t really be considered that.

here’s my idea for how this can be implemented, which will not only allow for more options for transcription but also cut down on the amount of duplicate tabs on the site:

  • when typing in the Artist/Song fields during submission, have it search for already existing tabs:
    • if no such song exists, continue as normal
    • if a song by that name DOES exist:
      • have the user confirm that they’re adding a new section to that song
      • list the already existing sections that have been transcribed for that song (preferably with hyperlinks to the sections)
      • in the dropdown menu for section selecting, add a second instance of the sections that have already been transcribed (ex: if a song has a Verse and a Chorus tab, add Verse 2 and Chorus 2 in addition to the already existing Verse and Chorus options)
        • if the user still selects Verse or Chorus (which in this instance, already exists in our hypothetical song), display a warning message saying something along the lines of “By selecting [section], you will be overwriting an already existing tab. Is this OK? (yes/no)”.

in addition to being able to more freely describe the section of the song you’re transcribing (since we all know very well that songs have more than one chorus sometimes), this will cut down on duplicate tabs since the user will be shown tabs that are similar to what they’ve entered into the Artist/Song fields. I think this will be more than helpful, and nothing necessarily needs to change about the submission process besides adding the ability to make a “Chorus [#]” depending on the amount of sections by that name already in the song. thanks for reading, and I hope you guys will take this into consideration =)


I second this. It would make duplicate songs less likely, as well as allow different verses to have different tabs, which is the case for a few songs (Ryan Mack’s Remix of Overwhelmed being a recent example I can think of on the site).

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I agree 100%. The way that you described how it should work is perfect.