Add keyboard shortcut: "Home" key moves playback cursor to beginning of song

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory on this one. Obviously only applies to desktop view, but being able to press the Home key to rewind would be super convenient.


Yes, absolutely needed, unless there is already a hotkey for it.
I can’t find any such hotkey.

As I am testing dozens of chord progressions, it would be very handy to zip back to the start with one keypress.

I would also add another shortcut - use the END key to go to the end of the current chord progression (so you are ready to add more chords).


Cool idea! :+1:
It’s also useful when you accidentally leave the Hookpad playing 96 or so empty measures.
If this were implemented, maybe it will be accompanied by a button, just in case someone decides to use Hookpad on mobile and is struggling to make a precise tap on the beginning measure.

Abolutely, I think this is a great idea. All DAWs I use (Ableton, Reaper, etc.) have a button that moves the play head to the beginning, that would be great

My TheoryTab Settings → Show Rewind Control

Is this what y’all are looking for?

Huh I don’t seem to have that setting available on mine (Win 10, Chrome), but that does seem like exactly what I’m looking for

We don’t have a shortcut mapped yet, but with 2.25.10 I pushed an optional rewind button. Enable with Preferences → App Preferences → Show Rewind Control.

Also, re:

@Quentin136 is referring to the TheoryTab DB (not Hookpad) here and is correct that if you are logged into the Hooktheory website, your user menu will have a “My TheoryTab Settings” link you can use to permanently show the rewind control in the TheoryTab DB.

This is separate than the new ability I just added to show the rewind control in the Hookpad app.

I have few thoughts about Home key and Cursor:
1- HookPad has 3 cursors: Note Entry, Chord Entry, Playback and Recording.
2- Move back to beginning during Playback? Or also move Home when stop? What about during Record?
3- Global Preference for Rewind: Home, Recent beginning or latest position? Will End be useful?
4- I guess Single Letter shortcut may not be practical and not neccessary.

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