Activity restriction and interference tampering

There seems to be continuous issues preventing artist from moving forward with their work. From stopping play of music created to blocking changes and other meddling or menacing behavior. I am a song writer and take my work seriously expecting my rights to be respected within my work and their seems to be continuous issues and non-response to the issues reported.

Hello Terragarman, welcome to the community. My message below is a response to both this thread and your earlier “Hook theory use and rights issues” thread.

Can you be more specific about what you mean by “stopping play of music” and “blocking changes”? Are you unable to play through your whole song in the Hookpad editor and/or unable to save changes you make to it? Additionally, I don’t understand how this is a rights issue, could you please explain what you mean by that? Hookpad/Hooktheory isn’t stealing or claiming ownership over your composition when it fails to correctly download your sheet music, and they aren’t tampering with or changing anything about your creative work. These seem like technical issues, and could be on Hookpad’s side or your own. If your computer is slow or you’re running other memory-intensive programs at the same time as Hookpad, you may experience stuttering (bad tempo or stopping play of music?). That, connection issues, or security settings on your web browser or computer may also interfere with downloads. Or, again, it could be on Hookpad’s side, but it’s very hard for me to imagine that it’s purposeful and malicious. I’m not sure what they would stand to gain by making their program more difficult for you to use!

Regardless, I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing these issues, and I hope they can be resolved soon so you can use Hookpad to its fullest ability.