Accessing books

I just registered for the monthly subscription plus the Hooktheory I and II books. However my account still states that I need to purchase them. How do I access the books?

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I have the same problem. I have no clue how to access my books. someone reply with an answer

Yo same! I already been bought the books so when so I get to use them?

@TheAtomicplayboi, on the homepage in the upper right hand corner of the page there will be links to the books for you to access:

I still can’t find my books, not even on the top right corner of the screen.

@YMEdreesi are you sure you’re logged in?

If you click on your avatar in the upper right it should say your username and have links to your products:

I’m having exactly the same problem. So frustrating! I bought because I wanted to get started ASAP.

@francespren we don’t have a record of your purchase, did you receive a receipt?

My receipt with personal info removed:

If this happens to anyone else - go to the email you got upon signing up and click the activation link a 2nd time. It obviously hadn’t worked properly for some reason the first time but my books are now displaying. :slight_smile:

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