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I need help with the chords from start until 1:18. I’ll try to figure out the melody on my own

And also from 3:12 to 3:33

Is it ok to post here or should I create a new topic in the theorytab category?

this is the credits song for the movie Titan AE. it has an amazing, deep mood, and I really want to understand what scale mode and chord progression it uses.
I’m most interested in…
the verse, which starts at 0:19
and the chorus, which starts at about 0:44

Like Lovers (Holding on) by Texas

It Is by a Scottish band named Texas
I believe it is sung by band member Sharleen Spiteri

after a bit of analysis, it really seems like the song starts in B minor and then switches over to the relative major of D major during the chorus. could that be possible?

after analyzing it even more, I believe the song starts in B dorian and then the chorus is D lydian. they are relative scales of each other:

La Femme D’Argent, by Air, is an absolute classic of French House/Ambient. The whole album (Moon Safari) basically defined a genre of music, but this song is the piece de resistance. I’m just surprised it’s not already in the DB.