About copyright of music created with Hookpad

Well, I have some specific questions to which I have not found answers here, my apologies if perhaps I have not searched well.

Can I publish music tracks created with Hookpad on any music distribution platform, YouTube, Spotify, etc.?

Will there be any problem with the Copyright algorithms of platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, etc., with Hookpad’s sounds, samples and loops?

Can I sell music songs created with Hookpad and receive financial benefits for them from the different distribution platforms, YouTube, Spotify, etc.?

have you read the terms of service you agreed to when you signed up? :slight_smile:

that said, pretty sure i would never publish songs made solely with Hookpad, no offense to Dennis and team (all of whom are awesome!) - i use it nearly every day for composition and demos - but would never use the raw output for publication on major music / video platforms. YMMV.

Wondering if I read the terms of use at the time is a bit light, as demonstrated by its small smile emoticon.
It’s been a long time since I gave up carefully reading the terms of use of each program I install. I guess I would skim them and accept because I needed a program to help me compose. At the time she still didn’t have the chance to publish any of my music, which on the other hand, I’m sure no one is going to turn it off for her, but it’s exciting to have something published. Even so, the terms should be written somewhere so that I can consult them, but I have not found them, probably due to complete clumsiness on my part. Furthermore, they tend to be more convoluted than directly answering these three questions that I ask.
But also, since I am sure that you have read them, could you be so kind as to answer me or tell me where I can read them?

That said, I have not written that I am going to publish directly as the music is finalized in Hookpad but, even if I later do a post-mix, add several VST instruments and finish with a post-production with my DAW, there will still be sounds in the project, samples, loops and MIDI sequences belonging to Hookpad and it is necessary, before publishing, to know first what is related to copyright and as I say, if I read something, I don’t remember it. So I ask.
And I hope that someone from the team will answer me or tell me where I can read these terms and I, as it could not be otherwise, am very grateful to them just as I am grateful to you, “notwithstanding” your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies for the translation.

no worries, i just figured if there were any commercial use or other restrictions, you would see it in the terms of service (or the DCMA).

DMCA Policy - Hooktheory

as far as sound quality, as noted, myself i only use it for composition and demos. and yes, it’s cool to be published. it’s even cooler if someone can make it into a near-pro level recording :slight_smile:


Terms of Service - Hooktheory
Privacy Policy - Hooktheory
COPPA Policy - Hooktheory

Well, I had already read these 4 terms of service before, since they are available to anyone.
But, honestly, either because of the translator or because I’m a little slow… I don’t see that it answers my questions, I understand that “Hooktheory” and not “Hookpad”, is under an educational license.
The only fragment that “seems” to explain the issue of loops… from “Hooktheory” and not from “Hookpad” is this one:

"Analyses should generally not be longer than 30 seconds or 10% of the length of the original song, which is always shorter.

The length of an analysis should be the shortest length necessary to understand the musical idea that is being conveyed in the analysis.

Analyzing multiple harmonically redundant parts of a song for the sole purpose of having a larger portion of the song in the library is prohibited"

Does this mean that I should be careful with repetitions of music fragments and loops when composing with “Hooktehory”

And I don’t know what you mean by the word “analyses”

The clearest thing, and for me, the only thing, is Dave’s response in the post linked to him.

If I have not understood correctly and I am wrong, I apologize and as I have not, I am very grateful for his time and patience.

Apologies for the translation.

Here is a sample that is not professional, I am working on others, but it is a sample that with some mixing and mastering you can do very decent things.
It’s 80% sounds and composition with Hookpad.

The other 10% in a DAW

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Those terms are in regard to music that someone has placed on the HookTheory website and the complaints that they might receive from copyright holders of the music of others.

The chord progressions and melodies that you write are all under any licensing you wish for your work.

As for the Hookpad instruments, using them to create music is the entire point of the software. There is no problem with you using the program for what it is intended.

Were you to create a sound library to distribute the sounds themselves, such as in a soundfont or in a VST (or similar) that is completely different from using the software for its intended purpose and would be a violation of their copyrights (or the copyright of whoever created the sound libraries).

A real world example would be my Roland keyboard. I can make whatever music I want with it and there is no intellectual property problem. I have the rights to any music I create with it. If I however downloaded the sounds and created a sound library with their sounds, that would be an infringement on Roland’s intellectual property.

There are videos where the creator is using screenshots of Hookpad to demonstrate some musical theory using HookPad and is within the scope of use. It is no different that someone who uses Excel, for example, to give a video lesson of how to use a spreadsheet or someone using Final Cut to give a lesson on video editing.

All that said, if you are concerned, import it into BandLab as MIDI and use the BandLab sounds. Personally, I export as MIDI and render with the MuseScore sounds.

I just followed you on BandLab so if you have any questions about it I can give you some help over there.


Yes, to sum it up, it’s totally fine to publish any music, you’ve created with Hookpad. It’s also ok to use some sounds/loops of Hookpad in your DAW. What’s not allowed is to create vst instruments or loop libraries etc. with the help of our sounds. But as long as you are just composing/producing songs you are allowed to publish everything on every platform you want.


Yes, I know that the purpose of hookpad is to compose music.
What you explain to me about the difference between using sounds to create other libraries…that’s what I thought I understood but you will agree with me that it is strange that I have not found any reference to selling my compositions created with Hookpad and with its sounds.
In fact, the word “sell” does not appear in DSchwachhofer’s answer.
As for exporting the MIDI sequences, there is the same problem since someone has composed them.
But yes, now it’s a little clearer.
Thank you for your response and for your recognition in Bandlab.

Thank you so much.
Now it’s a little bit clearer.

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