Ability to seperate our tabs into sections verse, chorus, ect

I see that songs being added to theory tab are separated into sections such as verse, chorus, ect… but currently, hookpad does not allow us to separate our own custom tabs into sections like this. I would very much like this ability so I can write an entire song in one tab. Going further I would like ability to loop just those sections within the tab instead of having to loop the entire tab at once.


Yes, I support this. It would help organization immensely, and I wouldn’t have to see 5 different tabs for a single song in my tab collection…

I agree with needing this. I would like to be able to write original songs in Hookpad for my own use and have intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc in the one tab. I can’t see a way to do it even though the songs in Theorytab have multiple sections. I would have thought this would be a pretty foundational need for users of the software.

Yes, please! Same here, I was wondering why this isn’t a thing.

Is this just a paid version feature? I was looking for it and was unable to find these section names ( https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/guide ). However all the uploaded tabs I see have a section separation, am I missing something?

You need to connect the tab to a YouTube video (settings, check the box, paste the YouTube URL in). This lets you upload to the TheoryTab database, and have tabs of song separated by section.

This only works is you can find a video of the song you’re analyzing, so I recommend naming your tabs [Song name] [intro/verse/chorus/whatever].

You mean, the separation by sections is a function of the title I give to the song? I need to make multiple versions, like [Artist][Intro] and [Artist][Bridge] ?

Nah, I do it to keep myself organized. It’s easier to know what a tab’s song and section is if I have it right in the tab name.

I agree with the OP.

I’d like to add another FR, the ability to edit notes in the melody while the track is looping.

Hi guys I am new here, I am looking exactly the same functionality, do you know if the new version has solved this , if yes please let me know how to do it.

Another vote for this one.
Much needed yes!
Also to separate altertive takes of the same song.