A way to input C#/E

So I have a weird chord that I’d like to input. If I had to name it I’d say it’s C#/E but technically it’s probably C#/D## which is to say it’s a I major chord over a minor third (sharp nine, really) in the root.

And so I couldn’t find a way to input this. But I can’t pinpoint the precise function of this chord to sub it for something. It sounds kind of like a passing viio but not really. So if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

On Hookpad 1, you can’t.

On Hookpad 2, the closest chord is E13(♭9), dominant thirteenth flat ninth (this is also the usual interpretation of that upper structure triad). If you want to preserve the voicing exactly, there is also the 11th chord on viio in harmonic minor (F Harmonic Minor in this case), but you may need some copypasting across transpositions to get the same chord under most keys.

I’m pretty sure it’s I7, especially since it goes to IV. The problem is I can’t have the ninth in the bass I guess.

In F harmonic minor, make a vii°11 chord