A simple blues I7 IV7 V7 progression

I am trying to punch in a simple 14 5 blues progression.

Firstly I pick a key but can’t get a Dominant 7th out of the chords … I must be missing something.

Then, I couldn’t get the number of bars in a line to stay at four. For that kind of thing, it’s just much nicer to see three lines, you know?

Please point me to right materials to find my errors!


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First you need the key to be in the mixolydian mode because the I. chord has a dominant seventh added. When you add a seventh to a I. chord in the major mode it is a major seventh and not a dominant seventh.

Then you need to borrow the IV7. and the V7. chords from other keys because they don’t naturally exist in the mixolydian mode with dominant sevenths. You would borrow the IV7. from the dorian mode, and the V7 from the major mode.

You should end up getting something like this:

Rehab by Amy Winehouse uses an extremely similar chord progression so you can also study that Theorytab for more info:

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That’s super helpful. TYVM.

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I was tearing my hair out over this. Thank you!!!

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