A proper rename function

As of now the only real way to rename something is to save it under a new name and delete the old. It works, but it’s perhaps too easy to delete the wrong thing, and it also kills the embed link.

Hey, look at this feature request that I made 6 and a half months ago! It’s still open. With no reply. For a simple job (since I know you aren’t storing Hookpad projects by their names, they do have IDs).

Honestly, Hookpad support can be pretty annoying sometimes. Product’s worth it though.

While we are on this, please allow full UTF-8 metadata in the database. At least the Basic Latin range.

Surely just because the editor receives no updates does not mean the site itself doesn’t need them.


Sorry. Yeah, I agree this needs to be added. Since January 2017 the team has been laser focused on Hookpad 2 and as a result we’ve pushed some of the “nice to have” feature requests aside and have only pushed critical bug fixes to Hookpad / the website.

The good news is that we are close to being finished with the first release of Hookpad 2. Once that launches we can get back to things like this request.


This is a totally reasonable request and I agree it would be nice. If it were a one-liner, I’d do it now but I know it will affect some of the URLs we use for TheoryTabs and it will require some care to fully implement. After we launch Hookpad 2, we will have the bandwidth to start tackling some of these things.

I was originally referring to private Hookpad files, not Theorytabs, but a move function for the latter would be useful as well. As to implementing it: they have ID numbers, since we can see them in the fork and edit URLs (probably other places too? haven’t checked), so just use the IDs as part of the canonical URLs. Make a list of which name URLs correspond to which tab IDs, and if someone tries accessing one of those, give them a 301. That list would be frozen to how URLs are just before the change is deployed; name URLs for tabs created or moved since then would be invalid.