'A project with this name already exists' error showing up when it's not supposed to

I’m editing a theorytab of Viva La Vida however it says that a project with this name already exists. I’m not even doing a project, I’m editing an existing theorytab

apparently no-one’s replying to this

Hey @Vaz123, sorry for the silence here. The truth is that we were basically ignoring all issues related to adding / editing stuff in the song database because its uses legacy code that we are in the process (long process!) of upgrading to use Hookpad 2

In preparation for moving to Hookpad 2, last week I pushed some changes that I think may have inadvertently solved this issue having to do with a lousy versioning system we were using before that we no longer use.

@chris does that mean you’ll also ignore the difficulty bug

@Vaz123, We have plans to probably bring that back but it will be a crawl-based solution rather than one calculated right when the song is added so it won’t be instantaneous.

@chris now that you’ve upgraded it to Hookpad 2 can you fix the difficulty bug and other bugs please