A plan to fix incorrectly credited tabs

Recently I made a new tab for an existing song that was incorrectly credited. This song was Ink or Sink from Splatoon, which is one of many songs that was incorrectly credited to Toru Minegishi instead of Shiho Fujii. So I decided to upload my tab to a new page instead of the existing one with incorrect credit.

Since my previous post and others like it addressing this issue have gone ignored, I’ve come up with my own solution. I’m going to save the existing tabs with incorrect credits and repost them under the correct artist name. It would be nice if staff could delete the old pages as well, since I see there are people actively taking old tabs down upon request. I plan to include credits for all previous contributors in the comments of each new tab. If there are any problems with my approach and this should be done differently, let me know asap.

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I’ve already sent the Staff a long list of incorrect video game titles and composer credits in a text file and, as far as I’m aware, they haven’t corrected any of them.

If the staff give you the OK you on this (or, any other method for fixing titles) I’d be willing to help out with this endeavor.