A General Idea for Implementing some of the Features Requested Here

I’ve noticed that a lot of the feature requests are made by people asking for more musical options - mostly from people, I think, like me who have a pretty decent grasp on theory but love hookpad for it’s ability to function as a great sketchpad just for hearing and testing ideas (it’s really great at that!).

A lot of Ryan’s points relate to the usability (and ease of use) of hookpad, and how adding too many options may deter the very type of beginners he wants to attract to the site.

What if, maybe in our personal profiles or on the page itself, there was a ‘Show Advanced Options’ checkbox that could contain the more complex musical tools?

I don’t really know, but it may be a lot of work that will only really apply to people like me who use the site as a sketchpad and less as a learning space. But, maybe the people who come here to learn and experiment will reach a point where they want these options! It’s hard to say, but I’d love to hear feedback on this.


Totally agree with you, would definitely love to be able to add suspensions or more extensions when possible. Also wish there was a way to split the chords up into SATB form so we could adjust the voicing (bit of a long stretch I know, but no harm in hoping!)

Then again, the site is probably still in its infancy; the updates seem to be far and few between, but hopefully Ryan can spend more time on features as the site gains traction.
True, the site was intending to be user friendly and easy to pick up, but like you said it’s a really handy tool for people more familiar with theory. Don’t really see a downside to implementing more options, if anything it’ll just develop a stronger, more experienced fanbase.

Just curious, what advanced options were you thinking of?

@cloned, @CDPP , thanks for the feedback. We’ve been discussing internally about some sort of “advanced options,” although it’s not clear exactly where to draw the line between advanced and standard options.

With respect to the updates, the Hooktheory team is working hard on fixing the bugs mentioned in the forum and implementing your ideas as best we can. We were all blown away by the amount of great ideas that you guys have had as well as the meticulous testing of Hookpad. Now that we have specific issues to resolve, we’ll be pushing updates more frequently and will be better about posting these updates (rather than silent ones, as we have commonly done in the past).

Thank you all for being a part of our community.

Ah, glad to see ‘advanced options’ hasn’t been shelved, what’s the main disagreement over where the line’s drawn?

And thanks for replying to the various posts, it’s always nice to hear back from the team.

It’s been a year, and no sign of this yet. Is anything going on over there?

[size=5]Like my suggestion of polyphony for all, using the chord chart as a chord input, or the fact that we can’t use the entirety of Unicode in the titles[/size]

FR’s? I’m finding Search By Chords useful, not so much for looking for songs, but for my own rough compositions. I would like to be able to download either the MIDI file or even a simple .png image of the progression that I’ve just wandered through. Thanks!

While I was typing that post I thought…You can save it as a .png! I thought it was Shockwave or Flash. Request withdrawn.