A fourth dictation challenge mode

I’d like to ask if it’d be possible to make a fourth daily dictation challenge mode that sits between Beginner and Intermediate - that is a mode where you have to identify the chords as well but can still playback the notes you guessed.

I suggest this because on Beginner mode, where you only have the melody, you get ‘instant feedback’ on notes you get wrong (with the playback option), even if have to play around before knowing what sounds right. When you move on to chord progressions you are already on Intermediate mode, and you lose that ‘instant feedback’ feature, which, in my case, has contributed largely to my own progress in these challenges (even though I’m still only a beginner :wink: )

As such, I’d like to ask if it’d possible to add a Beginner mode with Chords, that’d sit between Beginner and Intermediate.

Thanks for reading,

We like this idea a lot, by the way and will look into adding this at some point. Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for the good suggestion.


I was going to ask for exactly this feature. Thanks for considering it.