A flat augmented with a(#5) named an Ab(x5)/E# <--

In F Harmonic Minor, an Ab+ chord with a sharp 5th in 2nd inversion is named Ab(x5)/E#.

Now, I know what a double sharp is, but the key point is the E#. That’s just F. Can you guys fix that, please? It just feels weird :grimacing:


I’m sorry, but E# is correct. Ab has the notes Ab-C-Eb, Ab+ has the notes Ab-C-E and Ab(x5) has the notes Ab-C-E#. Of course, E# is the same key on your keyboard as F but E# is the double sharp 5 of Ab and F is a grand 6 of Ab. As we need the double sharp 5 in this case E# is correct.

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Oh… Okay, thanks :slight_smile: