A few glitches in the progression builder

Browser: Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 7
Starting here: https://www.hooktheory.com/trends

Glitch 1:
1> Set Key: B
2> Click red B
3> Can’t click F#. You can click any of the others. You can get to F# by going to “other” and then selecting it.

Glitch 2:
1> Set Key: B
2> Set up the chord progression sequence: B-F#-E-G#m-F#
3> You should have the results: 19 songs (0.18%) contain B → F♯ → E → g♯m → F♯
4> Scroll down and select the song “Just What I Needed” by The Cars
5> I can’t find an F# chord anywhere in the song, so how can it possibly match my chord progression which has F# twice?

Very cool software, though… I look forward to exploring it some more.

Sorry, the browser is Chrome. The version# is correct.

I was able to reproduce this. It seems like the clickable area is offset from the actual ball for some reason up at the top. I found for now that if you move the mouse a bit lower (like over the F# label itself), the cursor will switch to the hand indicating you can click.

We are actually planning on revamping trends to support some of the new forthcoming features in Hookpad 2 so we’ll make sure this gets fixed in that release.

Thanks for pointing it out.

As for the second issue when I put in that chord progression and click on the song I see

If you go to the actual songs theorytab it may be in another key (we transpose all the songs for the purposes of trends so you are seeing all matches fors song that contain the progression if it were transposed to the key you choose). Also possible that you are looking at a different section (chorus vs verse?)

Hope that helps!