7 beats per measure / Can't stretch chord across change in time signature?

I have a couple of songs with sections that are in 7/8 or 7/4 time. I know this has been requested before but I would like to second the request to implement 7 beats per measure. Seems like it would be simple enough? But anyway failing that, can you at least make it so that when I stretch a chord across a change in time signature it doesn’t treat it as two separate chords? Right now if I try to implement 7/4 time as one measure of 4 and another measure of 3, and I stretch a chord across the two measures, it plays back as two separate chords with the break occurring where the time signature changes, regardless of what band settings I choose for the harmony and bass.

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I’d like to second that. please add the option for this interesting rhythm :slight_smile: :sparkles:

Hey all, this request is definitely on our radar.

If do we add a 7-beats option, we would have to choose 4+3 or 3+4, or have both. Currently our 5-beats option is 3+2 (probably the more common meter) but we don’t support 2+3. One option is to do what HertzDevil recommended from the start which is to actually support the compounding of simple meters, using the rhythm voicing algorithms and options from the constituent meters to synthesize the compound one. This would be the most complicated option from a development perspective, and would take some time to get right, but possibly covers the most bases. Alternatively we could just add a 7 = 4+3 option and call it a day. Curious what you guys think

I confess I hadn’t noticed that 5 was implemented as 3+2, I actually recently wrote a song in Hookpad that is mostly in 5 and the chord changes occur as 2+3, but I had turned off the bass and wasn’t using rhythmic band features that I assume would make the difference noticeable. So implementing the 7 = 4 + 3 option would be good enough for me. If it’s possible to do that and also address the thing I mentioned where chords get broken in two when they hit a change in meter (which seems like a bug to me), I think that would cover a lot of bases. Just my 2 cents.

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Another thought - you could also just let people choose, i.e., add options for 5 (2 + 3), 7 (4 + 3), and 7 (3 + 4), while renaming the current 5 option to 5 (3 + 2).

This, I think, is the better option. It would allow for all compound meters, as well as fulfilling the original suggestion. Not every song in 7 is 4+3.

Yes, please implement this.
Thank you very much!