7/8 or 7/4 structure

Why you didn’t introduced 7/8 and 7/4
Structure? There is no measure for This time signature


Thank you for the request. I have been thinking about a way to implement this for a while. For each time signature we have more than 500 different midi patterns so it would be lots of work behind the scene to introduce a 7/4 rhythm.
But perhaps we could implement something like a compound 4/4+3/4 or 3/4+4/4 time signature which could just use all patterns for those time signatures. Would this something which worked for you?
Of course you can already do this by switching between 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures. Perhaps you can try it out manually and we’ll figure out a way to do this automatically.

Please let me know how this works for you.



Atleast you can introduced 10 patterns thats sufficient for this structure
9 or 12 time signature people don’t use too much. But 7/4 lot of people used that.
Anyways you can try to do it. Thank you

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Is there any update on this? I’m a bit bored with standard time signatures and want to delve into the more cinematic scoring.

This is a pretty popular feature request so we’re looking into how to best do this. While we could simply introduce a 7 beat time signature, perhaps the most flexible option would be to allow users to specify compound meters out of existing ones, e.g. 7 = 4+3, 7 = 3+4, 7 = 2+3+2, 11 = 4+4+3, etc.

If there is sufficient interest in such a feature we can start mapping out how to do this most effectively.

Yes, please implement this. As simply as possible for you at first , then it could be iterated later, but it would be great at least to have this option straight away even if limited re midi patterns etc.
I’m sure a lot of people would love this even if they aren’t seeing / responding to this forum.
I have wanted it for a long time but was unaware of the topic here.
If the compound method is the easiest for you to quickly implement please do it, even if beta for a while.
Many thanks!

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maybe introduce it as someone suggest with a small subset of patterns which is filtered to those when selecting 7/4 or 7/8 11/8 etc etc

I think compound meters is the by far best option we have right. We just didn’t get to implement it yet, but thank you for the friendly reminder.