6/8the at 70 BPM does not translate to LogicPro

I’ve created a 6/8-/3 meter @ 70 BPM piece that is not accepted by Logic Pro X. Setting Logic Pro at 6/8 /4 does translate it although the BPM gets into the 200 BPM region before it seems to be ‘sort of’ correct. I’m possible overlooking something. If someone familiar with resolving this I could make the sketch available for translating to the Logic Pro environment. Or possible an instruction. Thanks Piet

I think 210bpm should be the right setting in Logic Pro to translate your piece correctly.
In Hookpad we have no 6/8 but rather a 6/4 time signature. With enough speed it may sound like a 6/8 so that’s fine. The /3 meter does nothing else than tripling the tempo so with a /1 meter we have 70 quarters per minute and with a /3 meter we have 70 pieces of 3 quarters per minute which would be 210 quarters per minute.
So to translate that in logic you could use a 6/4 time signature with a tempo of either 210 quarters per minute or 70 dotted half notes per minute.
You can also try to double the tempo of your midi regions in Logic and then use a 6/8 with a tempo of 70 dotted quarters per minute. This might then be more appropriate for your music.

Please let me know if this helped.

Thanks very much! I’ll check today!!

Thanks very much! It worked as per your suggestions. However, the beat is too pronounced in the end result. I’m now considering working from the Logic Pro upwards to get better results. I’ve noticed this ‘problem’ some time ago where I used the 12/3 setting also resulting in high BPM results and no way to add a new drum line that would sound great. As a long-time 20+ years user, I think this should be worked at or, at least explained beforehand, to avoid excessive work in migrating.

Yes, you’re right. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll think about a possible solution.

Thanks for your highly appreciated support!