2.9.0 (2020.03.17) Chord Preview


You guys are doing a great job and I really love the new upgrades!

I looked around the forum and couldn’t find anyone asking this question so maybe i’m just missing something, but how do you preview the chords in magic cords and the other chord menus? In the previous versions of Hookpad there was a play button in the menu and I also miss the dialogue box that said where the cord suggestions come from. Ive seen these features disappear in past updates then return as you got the new stuff online and maybe thats whats happening but I just wanted to ask and find out.

Keep up the great work!

I am missing that feature as well.
It was essential!

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve decided that the old “preview” of magic chords was a little cumbersome, so we are working now to build a more robust “preview” mode that is more functional and works for all modes of chord entry, not just magic chord. Also, sorry about removing the context info regarding where the chords came from, we will be adding that back shortly (there was no space in the new chord palettes, but we intend to build a new context area that also gives you more information about the chords, like how they are typically used, and other useful tips). Thanks for your patience!

Hey just wondering if there was any update on when this feature will return?

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