2/4 time signature

There are some songs that are in 2/4 or simple duple meter. Is this something that could be considered in an update?

You already have 4/4, you could use that instead.

There is a definite difference between 4/4 and 2/4. Actually simple duple is first in line then simple quadruple meter. You make a good point to use 4/4 but it’s just not the same.

Can someone please let me know why I am getting my post hidden as being SPAM. Asking a valid question about having 2/4 simple meter has nothing to do with SPAM?? I am trying to contribute my ideas to the community and wondering why multiple people flagging this. If it’s the guitar pro shirt I am wearing in my pic, I can change it, just let me know and I will have to use something different.

Hooktheory makes no distinction between 2/4 and 4/4 for the piano harmony/bass rhythm, so 2/4 should not be difficult to add, especially if at least one of the dictation tracks is already using 2/4 time (iirc the bridal march one).

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Thanks for the input HertzDevil. I was thinking the same thing and that there are songs that use simple duple meter. For some reason I am getting this message flagged as spam and I have no idea why? Can somebody please let me know why?