2.24.1 can't export WAV or MP3

Specifically, 2.24.1, in about 2 seconds, exports a 6-minute song as a a small WAV (400kb) or MP3 (64kb) file that won’t play back. I have tried Safari, Chrome, and Brave. Deleted history and cookies.

Same here. Created a 1-6-4-5 loop and tried exporting it. Nothing.
I added some random melody notes. Still nothing in exported MP3

I have the same problem. Can’t download mp3 or wav.

are all of you seeing the same behavior as @Jawsome, i.e., it’s producing a file with no notes?

Are you exporting the entire track or by region?

Does the dialog box with recording progress come up and the cursor progress through the song, or does it exit immediately?

Hi all, we identified the problem. Will push a fix tonight but in the meantime, you can export WAV or MP3 using the measure export option (first select measures, then click export WAV or MP3 from the measure GUI).

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Hopefully this will be fixed soon. I´ve trying to export 8 bars files. Still impossible to export.

Using the measure export option for an MP3 doesn’t work because the export process gets stuck perpetually at 70% and never finishes.
WAV works using measure export.

Yeah that looks like a separate issue… MP3 measure export appears working in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, but seems to be bugging out in Safari. Are you using Safari? We’re looking into why this might be the case

I primarily use the Brave browser, and Safari as backup. Neither works.

we haven’t tested in Brave, although Safari is now working in our dev environment so it’s possible that it will fix both browsers.

Hi all, this should now be fixed in v2.24.2, live now

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Thanks! will have that fixed shortly

I use 2.25.3 with Safari and still cannot bounce any audio.

Bouncing MP3 stops at 70% and WAV at 100% and no files are downloaded.

Would be very nice to get any kind of reaction from the developers!