1st inversion of sus4 sounds odd with piano full chords

I’m sorry if there is already a post about this. Piano full chords playing 1st inversion of sus4 chords sounds odd. I wish I can upload sound files here. You can probably try it out on Hookpad yourself.

  1. Write any 1st inversion sus4 chords, preferably Annotation%202020-04-06%20125546
  2. Listen to it
  3. Switch the melody from Piano to Piano Full Chords or any Full Chords pianos.
  4. Listen to it again.

I don’t think it should sound like that unless I’m missing something. I’ve tested this over several devices. That’s all I can say. Again, sorry if this is a duplicate.

Thank you @Aliffan, this is a bug, and we appreciate your detailed report. We’ll be pushing a fix for this in the next minor update, which should be within a couple days.

UPDATE: This issue was fixed in v2.9.7, live now.