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Renaming without changing the last modified date


I name my projects systematically - “[short code for project] - [song title] - [section]”, where the code is AAA and title is a description of the mood of the melody if I didn’t write it for anything in particular. I’d like to be able to rename melodies from songs I’ve scrapped back to unused (AAA) format so I know they’re “free” and can be used again, and conversely to rename melodies to a specific song name when they aren’t. Problem is, there’s no rename function in Hookpad, just “save as”, which creates an entirely new project with a different (and useless) last-modified date. Can this be added?


Yeah we can look into this. For now you can do a save as followed by delete to do same thing (I think, right?)



No, that resets the last modified date.


My question is why does the modified date matter here? Even if there was a renaming feature, it would still have a changed modified date. You already have a system in place, why not just add the date when the tab was written to the tab title?


You can rename. File -> Open. In the “Open” modal, hover over a project and click the pencil icon that appears next to the name, as shown below.

Then change the title of the project, as shown below.

I guess we need to make this more obvious!


I never use the open modal, so I hadn’t noticed that. Nonetheless, it does also change the last modified date. It doesn’t update the date displayed, but you can see it if you refresh.