Where is the TheoryTab requests category?

The thread linked below refers to a TheoryTab requests category. The thread is 8 years old, so there’s probably a good chance that that category doesn’t exist anymore.

My ultimate question is:
Where is the best place to request that a song be analyzed?

What song do you want to be done?

Thank you so much for asking.

this is the credits song for the movie Titan AE. it has an amazing, deep mood, and I really want to understand what scale mode and chord progression it uses.
I’m most interested in…
the verse, which starts at about 0:14
and the chorus, which starts at about 0:44

Like Lovers (Holding on) by Texas

It Is by a Scottish band named Texas
I believe it is sung by band member Sharleen Spiteri

I had previously made this comment and the one after it:

after analyzing it even more, I believe the song starts in B dorian and then the chorus is D lydian. they are relative scales of each other:

I know I kind of answered my own questions, but I’d really like confirmation from one of you who know better what you’re doing.

Gave it a quick listen, the verse is in B Minor. The chorus seems to start as D Major and transition into B minor (for the first chorus at least, the last one seems to stay D Major the whole time). There’s a borrowed IV and V after it transitions back into minor.

thank you very much. That somewhat confirms what I was discovering about it too. The borrowed chords that you mention may be what made me think that it is B Dorian and D Lydian.