Where is the API documentation?

EDIT: Does the API support us getting suspended/added 9th chords? Where are docs?

I see some people tried to reverse engineer this- to limited or no avail, and no one seems certain.

The API comes with bare bones documentation and several users’ attempts to reveal it’s secrets by trial and error. Weird, the main API docs feature users’ attempts at uncovering secrets instead of basic documentation on the chord API inputs. In the featured posts, the users seemed confused as to some of the inputs themselves.

I mean, I guess I can create a script to punish the API for days with random guesses at what a suspended chord is supposed to look like until it maybe returns something, but… surely I’m missing something?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Okay, so I figured I would share what I’ve discovered so far!

“1sus4” returns results for sus4 chords, but “1sus2” does not return results at all. It’s weird, because a week ago I swear sus4 didn’t return anything! Still working on figuring out sus2 chords.

So far sus2, sus, s2, s, suspended2, 2, (sus2), .sus2, and suspended as suffixes do not return sus2 chords. I’ll keep trying

Similarly, “1add9” returns added 9th chords, but “19” doesn’t return 9th chords. Hmmm…