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Videos not playing

Hi I just bought both Hook Theory I and II, and the videos don’t play in either app. I looked on the forums and tried restarting my phone and also checking my mute button. But that didn’t do anything. When I tap the play button, nothing happens - no video plays, and no sound comes out.

Sorry for the trouble. Which version of the app are you running (web, ios, ibooks, google play) and what type of phone and version of ios/android are you running?


It is an iOS app on my iPhone 7+. The app videos work on my iPad, I discovered. On my phone I’ve tried rebooting the app, turning my phone off and on, rebooting network settings, and one or two other things (from a search on the topic). So I’m not sure if it’s my phone or if it’s the app’s compatibility/settings…? Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks for replying!

@Candyholyoak is there a difference in iOS versions between your iPad and the iPhone? One thing that may be worth doing is deleting and reinstalling the apps (maybe the download was corrupted). I’ll also set you up with the web version while we continue to look into this


I’m not sure if there’s a difference in the iOS but I did delete and reinstall the apps on my phone. After our last exchange, though, the videos started working! So I figured you must have done something on your end because I didn’t change anything since then. ?? I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

@Candyholyoak great! It was not anything I did. The iPhone apps are completely local and don’t talk to our servers so something else on your device must have fixed itself (maybe the reinstalling did it).

Any way, glad everything is good again